The Laura XL delivers fully automated
processing of urine samples ,combining urine strip reading and digital microscopy.
From homogenisation and dispensing onto strips, to sedimentation and result evaluation,
it’s all done automatically, accurately and quickly. High resolution digital
images are generated reducing the need for additional evaluation by visual microscopy.

The H560’s five part differential count allows users to report world class results faster and with more confidence.

The ECL 760 system,
the next step in Erba’s Coagulation Line, is a fully automated haemostasis analyser delivering accurate and precise results.
The advanced random-access analyser performs screening, factors, immunologic, chromogenic, specialty and user defined testing
while allowing the consolidation of both specialty and routine reagents onto one fully automated analyser.
The ECL 760 coagulation analyser is designedfor the low to medium throughput laboratory.



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