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Multi Workstation Beauty Cell


Beauty Cell is an unique Multi-functional workstation which combines a clean bench with a centrifuge and a shaking incubator. Its integrated design enables the operation of centrifuge and shaking incubator in clean bench which provides aseptic condition by air circulation through HEPA filter. It minimizes the risk of contamination during stem cell isolation or some biological application that using centrifuge and shaking incubator.

Products Features
It provides clean condition in workstation when handling samples
  • HEPA filter : It provides clean condition in workstation when handling samples
  • Equivalent airflow as bio safety cabinet: 30% exhaust, 70% inflow
  • Air curtain: Built-in air blower motor makes air curtain in front and prevent airflow from outside. It protects the sample from outside air.
  • UV Lamp for decontamination
  • Fluorescent lamp for lighting
  • Storage cabinet: Located below work area for quick access on tools.
  • Interior power outlet: For the use of an electric device in the station.
  • Stainless steel work table: Minimizes corrosion and easy for cleaning.
  • Pressure gauge: To recognize the time for filter replacement.
  • Foot switch: To operate power of centrifuge and shaking incubator.
It is used for cell or blood isolation using centrifugal force.
  • Powerful but, stable centrifugation: With quality inverter motor drive.
  • Teflon coated chamber : For easy cleaning and resistant on chemical.
  • Microprocessor control, unbalance detection / buckets
It is used to mix and warm up the sample with enzyme or reagents
  • Stable shaking: By BLDC magnetic induction motor.
  • Stable temperature control: By micro process.
  • Holder platform: For 15, 50mL tubes and easy replaceable structure.
Preparation for SVF Isolation
with lsolation kit
Enzymatic Digestion in
shaking incubator
SVF Isolation
by Centrifugation
Washing with Normal Saline
and centrifugation
Final SVF Collection
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