Rapid Microbiological Method
                         1. Food borne Pathogen detection by Real-time PCR (ชุดตรวจจุลินทรีย์ก่อโรคในอาหารด้วยเทคนิค Real-time PCR)
ADIAFOOD® kits have been designed to simplify analysis!
> One single amplification protocol for all pathogens
> Simultaneous analysis of several pathogens is possible
> Easy 3 step method:
Enrichment : 8 to 18 hours
DNA Extraction : less than 30 minutes
Amplification and detection : 2 hours


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                         2. PCR kit for Veterinary (เครื่องพร้อมชุดตรวจโรคในปศุสัตว์โดยเทคนิค PCR)

                                > ADIAPURE: DNA/RNA extraction / purification
                                - Single format or 96 well microplate (centrifugation or vacuum)
                                - Various technologies validated for purification
                                - Purification protocols evaluated on different automates
                                - Extraction adapted to each kit and each sample

                                > ADIAVET amplification kits
                                - Internal control in each kit
                                - 2 packaging: 50 to 100 reactions
                                - Ready-to-use mix
                                - Validation data available
                                - In accordance with the French Animal Health standard project (NF U 47-600)
                                - Validation or registration with main reference laboratories

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                         3. Real-time Airborn Microbial Monitoring (เครื่องตรวจนับเชื้อจุลินทรีย์ในอากาศสำหรับสายการผลิตยาแบบรวดเร็ว)
Biolaz ®
• Immediate notification biological particles are present
• Verify biological levels are acceptable prior to filling
• Separation of finished product (based on timing of alarms)
• Immediate notification for alarm response

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